Molding of complex shape composites and armor using thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials for commercial and military applications.

Rapid Press Forming and Consolidation

  • Molding complex shapes using thermosets and thermoplastic

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  • Large flat integrated structures using thermosets, thermoplastic and metal
    • Solid laminate
    • Sandwich structures View Image
      • Honeycomb
      • Balsa Core
      • Foam Core
  • Ballistic / Blast resistant and structural applications View Image



  • Prepreg
  • Resin Infusion
  • Vacuum bag
  • Structural Bonding View Image
  • Hand lay up
  • Rapid Forming of complex shape parts
  • Very high termperature processing

Automated Cutting and Kitting

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ICT Introduces state-of-the-art Gerber cutter Gerber Cutter View PDF

  • ICT, Inc. has acquired the highly advanced Gerber Model 3250 cutter. The Gerber GT3250 provides automated cutting with stringent tolerances resulting in greater speed and accuracy when cutting raw materials. The Gerber unit provides faster cutting times which translates into shorter cycle times for ICT customers resulting in greater accuracy and responsiveness to projects.

Custom Preforming

  • Continuous and Discontinuous fiber reinforcements
  • Thermoset and Thermoplastic Resin Matrices


Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies of Composites and Metals


3-Axis Machining and Drilling

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