Since ICT began as Century Plastics in 1966 – we have decades of experience in developing a wide variety of materials for every application. We specialize in Custom Material Formulation and Testing.

Custom Material Design

  • Hybrids
  • EMI Shielding
  • Custom color (opaque and translucent)
  • Fire/Flame resistant and retardant materials
  • Discontinuous fiber reinforcement and preforms
  • Radar transparent materials


Material Selection

We evaluate, and test materials to meet or exceed customer requirements

  • Blast and Fragment Resistant Materials
  • Ballistic Materials View Image
  • Hybrid Materials
  • Structural Materials

Material Testing and Screening

  • On-Site Materials Testing Laboratory
    • Mechanical
    • Fire/Flame
    • Physical
    • Chemical
  • Manage and Facilitate Off-Site testing
    • Ballistic
      Developed and tested panels for various customers to meet the following test specifications
      • NIJ Standard 0108.01 Type IIIA, IV
      • NATO (STANAG)
      • 30mm + 20mm + 50 caliber FSP
      • UL Specifications
    • Blast/Fragment
    • Mechanical
    • ICT has experience working with the following test facilities;
      • Aberdeen Proving Ground
      • Lawrence Livermore National Labs
      • Sandia National Labs
      • United States Testing, Chesapeake, H.P. White